September 12th - 14th, 2024 in Scottsdale

The Practice Growth & Expansion Summit

Unlock the strategies that the top 3% of practices are leveraging to grow their businesses by 20%-40% year over year.


Thursday, Sept 12th
Friday, Sept 13th

Saturday, Sept 14th


Scottsdale, Arizona

Have you ever wondered how multi-location private practice owners doing $2-$20 million in revenue per year manage to consistently produce 20+% profit margins?

We're here to reveal the exact steps.

Learn the tactics and strategies you need to overcome an ever-changing industry and WIN in private practice. What would a more profitable practice mean to your family and your work team? If you are going to keep up with hospital systems, large corporate PT, and upstart private practices in your area, you NEED to have a clear plan on how to compete. There is no faster or better way to do just that than increasing your revenue per visit. Come to Scottsdale, AZ to learn how.

Meet us in Scottsdale, Arizona this September!

Here are the results our clients are getting...

Brent George

G4 Athlete, Washington

Dr. Carlo Sayo

Kevin Woods

Rehab Advantage & Sports Medicine, Georgia

Empower Physical Therapy and Wellness, California

Forum Agenda

Day 1:

Build Your Dream Physical Therapy Clinic Using OPM: A Step-by-Step Journey

Lee Sowerbutts - Friday 8:30-9:30

Learn how Lee went from an empty lot to a clinic with 3 different profit centers all under one roof using Other People’s Money (OPM).  If you thought you needed half a million dollars and 20 years of construction experience Lee will show you how wrong you are. 

The Fortune is in the Follow Up

Robbie and Joey from Rehab CEOs - Friday 9:30-10:30

There is an endless list of companies out there that will promise to flood your funnel with leads… but very few will teach you how to have meaningful conversations so you can convert. The fortune is in the follow up and Rehab CEOs are the masters at educating their clients about the strategy and tactics of lead conversion.

Solving Your Hiring Crisis Through Effective Onboarding

Travis Robbins - Friday 10:45-11:45

In the competitive world of healthcare, finding and retaining top talent is a challenge many physical therapy practice owners face. Our masterclass, "Solving Your Hiring Crisis Through Effective Onboarding," is designed specifically to help you overcome this challenge by transforming your onboarding process into a strategic tool for success.

Secure & Smooth: Expert Payment Processing Strategies for Physical Therapy Practices

Tom Cooley - Friday 11:30 - 12:00

Mastering over-the-counter collections is crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow and ensuring patient satisfaction in your physical therapy practice. Our masterclass, "Secure & Smooth: Expert Payment Processing Strategies," provides you with the insights and tools needed to optimize your payment processing system and streamline collections.

Power of Metrics and Graphing

Arlan Alburo Friday 1:30 - 2:30

Discover how to turn raw data into lucrative insights using cutting-edge graphing techniques. Learn to visualize trends, spot opportunities, and make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward. Join us and harness the true potential of your data to maximize profits and fuel growth!

3 Disturbing Trends That Threaten Family Business Owners and Leave the Next Generation at Risk

Timothy J. Yurek - Friday 2:45 - 3:45pm

At Tier 1 Capital, LLC, our mission is to help you achieve financial freedom, stability, opportunity, and, ultimately, financial peace of mind. We do this with a four-step process designed to help you identify where you are currently surrendering control of your money unknowingly and unnecessarily; reduce your risk and maximize your return without sacrificing your current lifestyle; and use the tax code to prevent your money from being taxed more than once.

Tim Yurek is a highly accomplished financial consultant, veteran, and thought leader in his industry. As the founder and CEO of Tier 1 Capital, Tim has spent over 35 years helping thousands of families across the country achieve their financial goals. He specializes in growing businesses, attracting and retaining top talent, planning for business succession, and converting business equity into cash. With his global recognition and membership in the Million Dollar Round Table, Tim offers valuable insights and strategies to his clients to help them achieve financial freedom. His expertise has been featured on major media outlets such as Bloomberg TV.

Day 2:

Maximizing the Value of Your EMR

Sharif Zeid - Saturday 8:30-9:30

Facing tough reimbursements, escalating costs, or the desire to grow your practice? Wondering about the next big solution for your business? If these questions resonate with you, join us for a transformative session on why your EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system should be part of the answer to all these challenges—and more! This masterclass will show you how to unlock your EMR’s full potential to drive efficiency, enhance patient care, and support your practice’s growth. This is not a sales pitch; it's a practical guide to squeezing out every last ounce of value from your EMR.

Sharif Zeid is a business director at Empower EMR, the all-in-one PT EMR built around automation – on the web at He has been in the rehab tech space for almost 20 years and has worked with tons of therapy practices over the years. His drive is to help every practice leverage tech to strengthen every aspect of a mdoern rehab practice’s operations from core things like EMR, scheduling, and billing to the cutting edge like powering a modern patient experience and driving automated marketing efforts. He loves working with people and treating every day like an opportunity.

Building Your Dream Team: Masterclass in Recruitment and Hiring for Physical Therapy Practice Owners

Will Humphries - Saturday 9:30 - 10:30
Unlock the secrets to assembling a high-performing team with our comprehensive masterclass, "Building Your Dream Team: Masterclass in Recruitment and Hiring for Physical Therapy Practice Owners." Designed specifically for physical therapy practice owners, this masterclass provides you with the strategies, tools, and insights needed to attract, select, and retain top talent in today’s competitive healthcare job market.

Understanding Fee Schedule's and Staff Code Capture

Travis Robbins/ Chuck Schulte - Saturday 10:45-11:45

Getting Paid More for What You Do is More Important Now Than Ever. We are Getting Squeezed at Both Ends

Jeremy Pittman Saturday - 1:15- 2:15

Lunch is on us while you listen to Sharif Said, business director from Empower EMR.

- How do you know if this is happening?

- How often do you talk to your billing team?

- What is the average respond time?

- What is the KPI for over 60 AR?

- Do they show you the trends?

- Do you own your own data?

- What would an extra $5 a visit look like to your bottom line?

- What should I expect from my billing team?

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Do you know about our Hot Seat event the day before our conference? Listen to what Marc had to say about that experience and how it changed his practice…

Event Package Details

2-Day Program Ticket

9/13 - 9/14

Upon purchasing one ticket, you can also bring 1 teammate for FREE!

Weekly Office hours for all live attendees for 4 weeks after the conference.

Access to all event recordings (recordings never expire), all event support materials, and round table sessions from the live event to share with your team / other members of your practice.

Free Billing and Collections Audit with your billing team.

Maximizing Revenue per Visit Take Home Course

September 2024 Scottsdale live event recordings

Money back guarantee:

If after day one you don’t feel like you got your money's worth, we will write you a check for a full refund.

Hot Seat Ticket

9/12 - 9/14

(Includes 2-Day Program Ticket)
Our 3-Day Hot Seat ticket is how this all got started. The founders of will pull apart the key metrics of your practice, find the weaknesses in your business and put together a plan to attack them once you get home. This is intense because we don’t hold anything back when it comes to suggesting change. You also get the benefit of watching other like minded practice owners get the same treatment. This is BY FAR the most powerful product we offer based on feedback form those who go through the process.

NOTE: We only have 7 of these tickets available so act fast if you want to change the trajectory of your practice.

10X Your Investment: We'll show you easy ways to increase profitability without adding any new patients to your practice.

Implement with Guaranteed Results: You will be trained on a 13-step implementation plan that guarantees maximum buy-in from your employees which results in game-changing results.

We will hold you accountable with two 1-on-1 coaching calls 30 and 60 days after the event. This will ensure that you actually implement what you learned during your hot seat.

Money back guarantee:

If after day one you don’t feel like you got your money's worth, we will write you a check for a full refund.

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